The precise regulation of coordinate gene expression is a fundamental aspect of all developmental programs. Central to transcriptional regulation is the dynamic interactions that occur between sequence specific DNA-binding transcription factors and their docking sites within cis-regulatory DNA. The enhancer or cis-regulatory module is the focal point of integration for these regulatory events and many, or all, dynamically expressed genes rely on multiple enhancers to control discrete aspects of their temporal-spatial expression patterns. In vivo analysis of enhancer function is accomplished via GAL4 reporter lines that can also be used as specific drivers to ectopically express UAS-responsive transgenes. cisPatterns highlights the expression patterns of GAL4 driver lines constructed in the Neural Cell-Fate Determinants laboratory of Ward Odenwald at the National Institutes of Health. All of the GAL4 driver lines shown in cisPatterns are freely available to the research community. Please contact us if you would like to use them in your studies.


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